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Scansion offers relief for Mac users who are tired of logging into Linux machines or relying on X11 based applications for their modeling analysis.

But its more than just a VCD viewer in a fancy new wrapper. Scansion also adds the ability to view higher abstraction transaction modeling events, tracing transactions as they flow through a system. This makes it the ideal companion for modeling in SystemC and other environments that support higher level simulations.
  • Reads standard Value Change Dump (VCD) files for logic waveforms
  • Reads open XML format for transaction traces
  • 64 bit support for handling very large files
  • Support for multiple cursors and time delta measurements
  • Tab support facilitate multiple views within the same model
  • A unique "Browse" mode that lets the user view all of the members of a selected module without having to explicitly add those traces. Makes finding what you are looking for much faster
  • Custom colorization for waveforms, transactions and highlighting
  • Display of analog waveforms for viewing mixed-signal data
  • Exporting to a variety of image file formats
  • Intuitive user interface

Q: What file formats are supported?
A: Currently Value Change Dump (.vcd) and Scansion's transaction file format (.scnx) are supported.

Q: Can Scansion handle very large files?
A: Yes in most cases, assuming your system supports 64 bit (like most Macs these days). The load times are still long since the whole file is loaded but even multi gigabyte files can be successfully read and used in most cases. Its not always the most pleasant experience for massive files, but it usually works.

Q: What's a .scnx file and how is it generated?
A: Scansion's scnx file format is XML and enables importing transaction trace files. Source code and libraries are available for adding tracing of SystemC simulations. However the file format is open so you can easily add support to any simulation environment. For more information see the details here.

Q: How much does Scansion cost?
A: Nothing. Enjoy it.
Scansion requires Mac OS 10.8+.

Download now!

Version 1.12
Requires Mac OS X
v10.8 or later.

Free for all. No license required.