Scansion has built-in update support, but the other libraries and tools don't. So remember to watch our RSS Feed or keep stopping by to ensure you stay up to date.

Currently available downloads

Scansion for MacOS 10.8+
This installer turns SystemC installation from aggrevation into child's play. This will allow you to install SystemC 2.2, SCV, TLM-2, a collection of GreenSocs libraries, SystemC-AMS, SystemC-WMS, and our own Tracing library. It also installs a variety of pre-configured SystemC project templates for XCode. Just install, create a SystemC project in XCode and you are ready to go. All source code, docs and examples are included. The libraries are Universal Binaries so this is all you need whether you are using an Intel system or PPC. Requires MacOS 10.5+.
Want to take Scansion for a test drive, but you don't have any wave or transaction trace files handy? No problem. Here are a few examples for you to play with.
This includes the source code for the TLM Tracing Library. This is also included in the SystemC Installation Suite, so there is no need to downlod this separately if you are using that. This includes an OSX Xcode project but it can be easily ported to any standard C++ development environment.