New OSX SystemC Suite Adds GreenSocs & SystemC-WMS Support

Our new SystemC Installer Suite offers you a single download for installing the OSCI SystemC libraries and SystemC-AMS, and now includes support for a variety of GreenSocs libraries and SystemC-WMS. This replaces a handful of our other downloads. You’ll find all of the precompiled libraries, source code documentation and examples installed as well. And of course we have new Xcode templates for you. There are a lot more details on this new installer available here.


We have been working with the folks at GreenSocs to provide you their most popular SystemC extensions for OSX. This currently includes green_socket, greenbus, greenscript and greencontrol. If you are not familiar with GreenSocs, check out their site
here. Its definitely worth spending a little time to review their wares.

These libraries offer lots of utilities for instrumentation, configuration, model construction etc. Good stuff. They have other libraries as well, so if there is something else you want to get your hands on, let us know and we’ll do our best to add it to the suite.

There is a new Xcode template for applications using the GreenSocs libraries.


SystemC-WMS is another mixed signal extension to SystemC for modeling analog and RF systems. You can find more details on their
home page. We included their bluetooth example as well, already set up in an Xcode project for you play with. Pretty cool extension for mixed signal work.