Scansion Beta 9 Released

Scansion version 0.9 is now available for download. It contains new features for support analog waveform viewing as well as a few bug fixes. This is a free but time limited beta which will be inoperable after 11/31/2008.

We continue to need your help in identifying the remaining bugs and issues, so please contact us when you find anything that is causing you problems. You can also join our brand new forum to discuss any bugs, feature requests or other observations. We’d love to have your input.

New in Scansion Beta 9

  • Analog! Traces read in from VCD files with real (floating point) values can be viewed as analog waveforms.
  • Row height can now be increased on a per trace basis. Very handy for displaying analog waveforms.
  • Auto-expanding the module hierarchy after loading is now optional, and can be changed in Preferences.

Bug Fixes in Beta 9

  • Deleting cursors could cause the application to hang.
  • After setting a custom color for a waveform, disabling the custom color would not revert the wave to the default value.
  • Reloading a VCD file with a bus that had been declared as a vector that was bit-blasted in the reloaded file may display no events on the new trace.