Scansion Beta 7.5 Released

Scansion version 0.75 is now available for download. OK, so it didn’t seem big enough for a full version, but there is still a lot of good stuff here. It offers new features like image exporting, better printing, better handling for large trace files, and much better error reporting when files are unable to be read. Plus it includes a number of bug fixes. This is a free but time limited beta which will be inoperable after 11/1/2008.

We really need your help in identifying the remaining bugs issues, so please contact us when you find anything that is causing you problems.

New in Scansion Beta 7.5

  • Failures during file loading now present much more helpful error messages.
  • You can now export images of the waveform being viewed to a file. See "File>Export Image..."
  • Printing now works for the most part, though options for configuring the print are still a bit limited.
  • File loading of large files now presents a progress indicator, so no more pinwheel.
  • Now tolerates vector declaration with min:max indices (rather than max:min as technically required by the VCD spec) to support files created by FreeHDL.
  • Improved speed for loading and reloading of SCNX TLM files.

Bug Fixes in Beta 7.5

  • Negative floating point values caused the VCD parser to fail.
  • VCDs that use carriage returns rather than line feeds was causing VCD parser to fail
  • Vectors that have no assigned value until some time later than time 0 would display garbage values in the wave window and placing a cursor on these points would cause a crash.
  • Module hierarchy was incorrect when VCD declares module names with hierarchy (i.e. top.module).