Scansion Beta 7 Released

Scansion version 0.7 (the seventh beta version) is now available for download. It offers huge speed improvements when working with larger VCD files, and lots of other little conveniences. Plus it includes quite a lot of bug fixes.

This is a free but time limited beta which will be inoperable after 11/1/2008. Yes, that’s right, we have increased the beta period beyond October 1st. While we had been targeting that date for completing the release version, there have been lots of feature additions that were not originally planned, and most importantly there are still too many bugs being found. We really need your help in identifying the remaining bugs issues, so please
contact us when you find anything that is causing you problems.

New in Scansion Beta 7

  • This version loads files much faster and uses much less memory for large VCD files. Typical speed up is ~10x and typical memory use is ~10% relative to the last release.
  • Reloading very large VCD files is now much much faster. For large files, this was so slow as to be nearly unusable. It is now slightly faster than the initial loading.
  • A value column is now available which is useful for viewing the current state of logic traces at the position of the active cursor. This column can be hidden through an option in the View menu.
  • The Inspector is now unique across all windows. The use of an Inspector per window was causing user confusion when looking at the wrong Inspector for a given window.
  • When clicking on logic waveforms it will no longer center the screen or jump the cursor to the time that the transition took place.
  • When selecting next/previous a new cursor is created if none are in use.
  • Many more minor tweaks, fixes and improvements
  • Extended the beta period to expire on November 1st, 2008.

Bug Fixes in Beta 7

  • Arrays of modules or other VCD scopes caused the VCD file reader to fail.
  • With TLM traces, clicking in areas where no event existed could cause random events to be selected.
  • Fixed issues when adjusting the trace sizes through the Preferences window. The display was not getting refreshed correctly immediately after the change took place.
  • The cursor time and time deltas had occasional rounding errors that would cause values like 60.0 to be reported as 59.9.
  • There were numerous cases when working with multiple windows (different tracefiles) where operations in one window would de-select traces and events in the other
  • Reloading in one window would cause the tracelists ad trace group members in all other windows to be eliminated.
  • Vectors that had a min index other than 0 (i.e. myvector[4:2]) had erroneous replication of trace members.
  • Changing module while browsing now clears out the inspector.
  • Newly added cursors were not selected properly and their information was not reflected correctly in the Inspector.