Scansion Beta 6 Released

Scansion version 0.6 (the sixth beta version) is now available for download. It adds some great new features like save/restore session templates, trace grouping and more. Plus lots of bug fixes. This is a free but time limited beta which will be inoperable after 10/1/2008 (we expect to have the final version out by then, thought we are getting close...).

New in Scansion Beta 6

  • New support for Trace Groups, which allow you to gather interesting traces together and collapse or expand as needed. (This is not available during Browse mode).
  • Ability to customize the color of the valid state of logic signals. This is available in the Trace Inspector.
  • Session templates, which allow you to save your tabs, collections of traces, browsing location, groups, color customizations etc. for later use. Look for these under the File menu.
  • Limited the number of significant digits to 6 when displaying floating point (real) values in the waveform view to provide better visibility. The exact value read in from the file is still available in the Property Inspector.
  • Bug fix: Fixes a number of issues with reload, especially when changes occurred to the module hierarchy or trace names or types.
  • Bug fix: Corrects issues with VCD import and display of structure elements.
  • Bug fix: VCD files which declare a module that begins in "$" had failed to load. This type of module declaration happens with SystemVerilog VCD dumping with some simulators like Synopsys VCS which expose $root as a top level module.
  • Bug fix: Errors during file reading now fail more gracefully, letting you know that it was unable to read the file and leaving the application in a stable state. Better descriptions of why the failure occurred will be included in a later release.
  • Bug fix: Displaying vectors with a decimal radix was broken for values larger than 31 bits. Now it supports all unsigned values that can be expressed as mantissa x 10^exponent where mantissa is a decimal integer up to 38 digits long, and exponent is an integer from –128 through 127. Support for a signed decimal radix will be released shortly.
  • Many more minor tweaks, fixes and improvements

Known Issues
  • Minor positioning issues with drag and drop within the viewing trace list when there are multiple copies of the same trace being viewed at a time.
  • Printing is supported but not really colored correctly and doesn’t display values.
  • With multiple windows, changing module selection in one de-selects events in the other.