Scansion Beta 5 Released

Scansion version 0.5 (the fifth beta version) is now available for download. This is a free but time limited beta which will be inoperable after 10/1/2008. (we expect to have the final version out by then).

This version adds a lot of features, especially for those using transaction viewing.

New in Scansion Beta 5
  • Major overhaul of the HUD to support more functionality as a general Inspector.
  • Ability to filter out TLM event details by trace or event when viewing in the Inspector.
  • Configurable trace size options available in Preferences.
  • Trace highlighting with configurable color via the Inspector.
  • Wave colors can now be customized in Preferences.
  • Specifying radix for logic vectors can now be done in the Inspector.
  • Bug fix when reloading VCD files with no explicit top-level module.
  • Coloring for TLM events can now be based either on source module (as before) or on the event type.
  • Colors for TLM events can now be viewed and modified in the Inspector.
  • Support for upcoming changes in file format to support changes in SystemC Tracing utilities (stay tuned).
  • Many more minor tweaks, fixes and improvements
Known Issues (Unchanged)
  • VCD import speed is still not as fast as we’d like to see. Have patience for now; we’ll address this in future revisions.
  • Minor positioning issues with drag and drop within the viewing trace list when there are multiple copies of the same trace being viewed at a time.
  • Printing is supported but not really colored correctly and doesn’t display values.