Scansion 0.95 Released

Scansion version 0.95 is now available for download. This adds support for iChat Theater sharing and many improvements for dealing with large waveform files.

This is a time-limted beta again and will expire on 9/1/2009. We are getting very close to releasing 1.0 (finally) and want to get this version out for some wider testing before we release the next major revision. There are many violations of the VCD standards amongst the many tools that generate these, which makes it difficult for us to be sure that there are no issues out there so your feedback is greatly appreciated when issues do come up.

For more details on this release
see this post in the forum.

New in Scansion 0.95
  • 64 bit support for much better handling of very large files (for 64 bit systems).
  • iChat Theater support to allow interactive sharing sessions via iChat.
  • Reading of large files can be stopped before the file has completed, with the partial results displayed.
  • Background and font color customization options.
  • Specify max expandable vector sizes to reduce memory footprint and improve performance.
  • Overall performance and memory usage improvements.
Bug Fixes in 0.95
  • Reloading would cause memory leaks (memory consumption roughly doubled).
  • Large file sizes would crash the application (fixed for 64 bit systems).
  • Mentor's Questa generates VCD scope types with non-standard "uknown" for SystemVerilog interfaces, which was not accepted by the VCD parser.
  • Using the Inspector without traces selected could occasionally cause a crash.