SystemC Installer Released for Mac

Mac installation of SystemC just got a whole lot easier. Our new installer provides everything you need to install SystemC libraries and use them in XCode.

OSCI support for SystemC installation on the Mac has been sketchy. While there have been some guidelines posted on forums for hacking the installation files, this is a pain. SCV installation was even worse. Furthermore using SystemC in XCode & gcc 4.0 was plagued with more "challenges". We were tired of it too. So we fixed it.

Logic Poet's new SystemC installer provides a standard installation for SystemC 2.2, SCV 1.0p2 and TLM-2(draft 2). These get installed into the /Library/SystemC/systemc-2.2.0 directory (with a link called Current in /Library/SystemC which points to it which should be used for your project references).

To make things even easier to get going, we created a couple XCode project templates. They are great way to start your project, or to use as a reference to build settings when trying to migrate your existing work. There are separate templates for a normal SystemC application and one that requires SCV. When you start a new project with this, you have the seed for a SystemC application which is immediately ready to run.

The libraries for SCV and SystemC are Universal Binaries. So they work for both Intel and PPC users. Note however that the build settings for PPC are for G5's. If you are using a G4, you may need to adjust the instruction scheduling option.

This been tested with XCode 3.1 & Xcode 3.0 on Intel Core 2 Duo systems and PPC-G5. Let us know your experiences on other platforms,e specially if you run into any issues.

While the current release is for 10.5 only, we should have an installer that supports 10.4 as well very soon. So if you have yet to make the leap to Leopard, we'll take care of you shortly.

Oh, and yes this is absolutely free. Enjoy!