Scansion 1.10 Released

Scansion version 1.10 is now available for download.

This release no longer requires a license to access the full features of the application.

New in Scansion 1.10
  • Constrained the time resolution based on the input file resolution.
  • Added support for zoom range by holding the shift key and dragging with the "left" mouse button, which is the one finger click and drag on trackpads.
  • Added optional support to combine bits that have a bracketed index in the suffix into a vector. If sparsely populated it will create the intermediate bits but they will show up as unknown. This feature is controllable by a preference item, which defaults to the new combining behavior.
  • No longer includes an option to purchase or register a license since, well, you just don't need one anymore!
Bug Fixes in 1.10
  • Fixed an issue parsing VCD files generated by Verilator.